The founding members of the Babieka Group have consistently and successfully identified and secured production finance from national and regional subsidies and rebates to tax shelter schemes and private equity, with a consequential multiplier effect in excess of 500M €.
Today there are two main sources of soft film finance in Spain:

Spain Tax Shelter (Article 36.1):  Aimed at Spanish nationality Films and TV Fiction (including international co-productions) this is a system to attract private finance to film. There is a 20% (25% for the first million) tax relief for investors investing in Spanish Films and TV Fiction in mainland Spain (capped at €3M), a 35% relief in the Navarra region and a 40% (45% for the first million) for Canary Islands Films and TV Fiction (capped at €5,4M).

Spain Tax Rebate (Article 36.2): Aimed at Foreign productions shooting in Spain. With a minimum spend of €1M, foreign producers obtain 20% on eligible spend capped at 3M euros in Mainland Spain and 40% on eligible spend capped at 5,4M euros in the Canary Islands.

Portugal has recently launched their own rebate:

Portuguese Film Rebate (Decree-Law No. 45/2018): With a minimum spend of €500.000, Foreign productions obtain between 25% and 30% on eligible spend, depending of the characteristic of the project, capped at 4M euros.