BABIEKA FILMS is committed to protecting public and planet health by conducting our operations and activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We recognize that reducing and, where possible, eliminating the environmental impacts of our activities is an important part of our mission as stewards of preservation.

We strive to be a pioneer among our industry and community in achieving environmental excellence and will work with our employees and other internal and external entities to establish and follow principles that will guide Babieka´s environmental practices.


• Remote working: The flexible working hours and remote working reduce the need for a daily commute, which in turn reduces the amount of CO2 emissions each driver generates and reduce the office supplies demand. Our Accountant team work 3 days per week from home. And whenever appropriate, we always suggest a video-meeting before a present one.

• Public transportations: In possible ranges, our members of Production Team prefer using public transportation whenever possible to go to the office.

• Plastic: We minimized the use of plastic cups/bottles for water drinking, encouraging the team and visitors to use cups or own bottles. We also encourage our team to have lunch at home, to minimize food delivery boxes/bags wastes.

• Paperless: Babieka intent to keep all the documents digitally and read the scripts on screen. When printing is necessary, we share one copy and pass it in turns and we print always in both sides of the paper. We invest in technology tools that empower the company paperless process: Google Drive, DocuSign, Pleo, etc.

• Energy: At Babieka we like staying close to each other, when we are working at the office, we share spaces to reduce the use of the air-conditioning. We use environment friendly energy providers and take maximum advantage of the natural sunlight in office, only turn on the light when it´s truly necessary.

• Providers: We choose local and green providers for office consuming. All the coffee capsules are collected and returned to the provider for recycling, as well as the few plastic water bottles that had to be used. We are constantly in touch with other environment-friendly entities in the film industry, such es Willco, Viajabien, Tusity, to exchange information and knowledge for mutual learning and improving.

• Green shooting: We rent all possible production and shooting materials instead of buying them. In case of necessary purchases, we collect the left-over materials in our warehouse and reuse them in the next project.

At Babieka we are aware of the climate emergency, and we promise to do our part of effort for a greener future.